Buddy Shelton carries a resume that lists an impressive set of credentials.

After graduating from Carlisle Military School with honors in 1961, he received a Congressional appointment to the U.S Air Force Academy in Colorddo.  While in school, even though his major was in physics and interest looked to flying jets, his love for the game of golf grew.  And before long, the thrill of fast landings switched to that of making great shots and crucial putts.

In 1965, Buddy took his physics and flying background to the golf course and turned professional, qualifying for Class A membership in the Professional Golfers Association and the PGA Tour.  Still today, he plays a pretty good game, competes on the Celebrity Golf Tour and various Pro-Ams and is highly respected among his peers for his skills and teaching abilities.

In 1984, he gave up the tournament circuit and ventured into the entertainment end of the game.  But he continues to keep his game honed for conpetition and is always ready to challenge some of his Tour friends to a few trick shots and one-liners. 

As "golf's top entertainer", Buddy has a heavy schedule as he has become legendary among event galleries, corporations outings and charitable events.  His many invitations to tournaments, corporate outings, club events, television specials, plus being featured in many publicaitons, add credibitility to this fact.

In his time off, he is active in evangelical work, wirting golf articles, working on television shows and his instructional videos, designing and promoting his own club line, and planning and promoting executive sports outings and tournament series.

And when he can work it into his schedule, Buddy tries to find a little free time to enjoy collecting and racing classic cars.  He will be the first to admit that if he could race cars for a living and perform golf shows for a hobby, he'd probably switch.  Many question which is really his recreation.

Definitely "one of golf's top celebrities", Buddy feels that he is blessed with certain qualities and talents just to make everyone's life a little more enjoyable.

Biographical Sketch

Professional Golfer, Entertainer & Speaker